Our preprint on “Machine Learning-Assisted Manipulation and Readout of Molecular Spin Qubits” is available on ArXIv at this link.


Machine Learning finds application in the quantum control and readout of qubits. In this work we apply Artificial Neural Networks to assist the manipulation and the readout of a prototypical molecular spin qubit – an Oxovanadium(IV) moiety – in two experiments designed to test the amplitude and the phase recognition, respectively. We first successfully use an artificial network to analyze the output of a Storage/Retrieval protocol with four input pulses to recognize the echo positions and, with further post selection on the results, to infer the initial input pulse sequence. We then apply an artificial network to ascertain the phase of the experimentally measured Hahn echo, showing that it is possible to correctly detect its phase and to recognize additional single-pulse phase shifts added during manipulation.

PREPRINT – Machine Learning-Assisted Manipulation and Readout of Molecular Spin Qubits