Here’s a collection of media realized for specialized conferences, for non-experts or for general audience in which our lab has been involved.

20 Years of CNR NANO S3 Workshop (June 2023, link of event page here)

Dr. Alberto Ghirri describing the evolution and the research activities of our lab from the very beginning to today.

Slides available here.

Dr. Filippo Troiani describing our theoretical collaborations on modelling moleculars spins (from minute 19:56).

Slides available here.

Flash contribution by former member Dr. Andrea Candini on crossing paths, research and stories.

Slides available here.

Conference Talks

Our guest, Dr. Maksut Maksutoglu, giving the talk “Coherent and dissipative coupling between inverse anapole resonator and ferromagnetic magnons” during the “Kobit|6> Quantum Optics and Information Meeting” in 2022, as a natural part and result or our scientific collaboration.
Prof. Marco Affronte giving the talk “Detection of Magnetic Excitations for Axion Search” at the Internation (on-line) Workshop “Searching for Galactic Axions and Superconducting Devices with Quantum Efficieny” in 2021.
Prof. Marco Affronte giving the on-line seminar “Graphene-based Molecular Devices for Spin and Photon Detection” for SPICE in 2019.

Webinars on the use of Arbitrary Waveform Generators for Quantum Technologies and Research problems of Physics realized in collaboration with Active Technologies, Ferrara, Italy.

Dr. Claudio Bonizzoni and Stefano Parma (Active Technologies) on behalf of Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC) – 2021.
Dr. Claudio Bonizzoni, Stefano Parma and Michele Ramponi (Active Technologies) – 2021.

Presentation of our lab and activities

Dr. Alberto Ghirri and Samuele Cornia showing our lab and activites during the European Researchers’ Night 2020.
Presentation video of Department of Physics, Informatic and Mathematics for students – 2019.

Public talks and lectures

Prof. Marco Affronte giving the conference “Ordine, reversibilità e la freccia del tempo – Il Magnetismo” in Modena – 2007.