Here all the photos of us you we looking for!!

Summer lunch, party and celebration – 2022.

Short tour in Modena and lunch at Trattoria Aldina with Dr. Hadas Shtrikman – 2022.

Final lunch with Maksut Maksutoglu and Mirco Tincani – 2022.
Lunch with Maksut Maksutoglu and Antonio Cassinese – 2021.
Vintage photo by Sergio D’Addato – 2020.
(no filters or digital camera, this comes from a film roll!!)
Giovanni Angelone’s retirement lunch, together with Nicola Cavani and Andrea Tonelli – 2021.
Group meeting during Covid lock-down 2020.

With Stephen Hill and Takeji Takui at Bai Dinh Pagoda, Vietnam – 2019.
At the final of the UEFA Women’s Soccer Champions League with Federico Venturi and Luigi Cigarini – Reggio Emilia 2016.
Afterwork Carcassonne (with beer) – 2017.
Having “gnocco e tigelle” with Agne Mikalauskaitè and Federico Chianese – 2018.
Dinner with Agne Mikalauskaitè and Federico Venturi – 2018.
Afterwork beer with Federico Chianese and Federico Venturi – 2017.