Here all the photos of us you we looking for!!

Lunch with Prof. Stephen Hill, Prof. Alessandro Soncini, Dr. Filippo Troiani, Federico Rapuzzi, Matteo Lanza – april 2024.

Lunch with Maksut Maksutoglu during his visit- january 2024.
Social Dinner for the twenty years of CNR NANO S3 of Modena – june 2023. From Letf to right: C. Bonizzoni, L. Martini, A. Carella, L. Nappi, D. Prete, M. C. Maschio, A. Ghirri, A. Candini.

With Giuseppe Cantarella, during the visit of Prof. Shree Prakash Tiwari (Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur).

Christmas Lunch 2022 with Giuseppe Cantarella and Francesco Rossella. The lab is in a superimpostion of open and closed eyes states (plus other different non-equlibrium perturbations).
The demonstration of its fermionic or bosonic nature and of the normalization factors is left as an exercise to the visitor.
Summer lunch, party and celebration, with Daniele Simonazzi, Francesco Rossella and Muhammad Isram – 2022.

Short tour in Modena and lunch at Trattoria Aldina with Francesco Rossella and Muhammad Isram, during visit of Dr. Hadas Shtrikman – 2022.

Final lunch with Maksut Maksutoglu and Mirco Tincani – 2022.
Lunch with Maksut Maksutoglu and Antonio Cassinese – 2021.
Vintage photo by Sergio D’Addato – 2020.
(no filters or digital camera, this comes from a film roll!!)
Giovanni Angelone’s retirement lunch, together with Nicola Cavani and Andrea Tonelli – 2021.
Group meeting during Covid lock-down 2020.

With Stephen Hill and Takeji Takui at Bai Dinh Pagoda, Vietnam – 2019.
At the final of the UEFA Women’s Soccer Champions League with Federico Venturi and Luigi Cigarini – Reggio Emilia 2016.
Afterwork Carcassonne (with beer) – 2017.
Having “gnocco e tigelle” with Agne Mikalauskaitè and Federico Chianese – 2018.
Dinner with Agne Mikalauskaitè and Federico Venturi – 2018.
Afterwork beer with Federico Chianese and Federico Venturi – 2017.
From left to right: Christian Alvino, Giulia LoRusso, Filippo Troiani, Alberto Ghirri, Valdis Corradini and Nguyen Duc Tuyen – 2010 (?)

From left to right: Marco Affronte, Andrea Cornia, Andrea Candini and Roberta Sessoli – year unknown