Photos and Video from our research activity.

Playing with Superconductors

Microwave Spectroscopy

Dr. Claudio Bonizzoni and Mirco Tincani setting up microwave spectroscopy – 2021.
(time lapse by Mirco Tincani; audio: “Effects of Elevation” by Revolution Void, reproduced under CC Licence).
Hahn’s Echo measured on a VOTPP spin ensemble at 2 K
Dr. Alberto Ghirri, Dr. Maksut Maksutoglu, Davide Rizzi and Federico Rapuzzi preparing and checking lowT microwave probe.
Davide Rizzi and Dr. Alberto Ghirri loading lowT microwave probe into PPMS.

Dr. Alberto Ghirri during Lab Presentation Day 2022.

Planar Superconducting Microwave Resonators

Testing Oxford Heliox Cryostat