Our new paper on “Quantum sensing of magnetic fields with molecular spins” is finally available on npj Quantum Information, at the following link: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41534-024-00838-5

Sketch of the coplanar resonator used in the experiments with the position of the sample (purple) and the radiofrequency (RF) coil (orange) used. Red, blue and green arrows show the orientations of the static magnetic field (B0), the microwave (MW) field (B1,MW), and the RF field (B1,RF), respectively.

Abstract: “Spins are prototypical systems with the potential to probe magnetic fields down to the atomic scale limit. Exploiting their quantum nature through appropriate sensing protocols allows to enlarge their applicability to fields not always accessible by classical sensors. Here we first show that quantum sensing protocols for AC magnetic fields can be implemented with molecular spin ensembles embedded into hybrid quantum circuits. We then show that, using only echo detection at microwave frequency and no optical readout, Dynamical Decoupling protocols synchronized with the AC magnetic fields can enhance sensitivity up to S ≈ 10−10 − 10−9 T Hz−1/2 with a low (4-5) number of applied pulses. These results paves the way for the development of strategies to exploit molecular spins as quantum sensors.

NEW PAPER!! Quantum sensing of magnetic fields with molecular spins